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Referencia detalles
Fernández Casas, Francisco Javier and Uribe-Echebarría Díaz, Pedro María (2011)

Sumario :
Notes on Systematics and Nomenclature about the genus Narcissus Linnaeus (Amaryllidaceæ). A new hybrid species N. ×Urrutiæ (N. Muñozii-Garmendiæ × N. rupicola) is described from Jaén (Spain), and a new nothosection ×Apocissi: sect. Apodanthi A. Fernandes (1966) × sect. Pseudonarcissi De Candolle (1815) is formulated to contain it.

Palabras clave :
Systematics, Nomenclature; New Hybrid Species; Narcissus Linnaeus (Amaryllidaceæ); New Formula: nothosect. Apocissi Fernández Casas & Uribe-Echebarría Díaz (sect. Apodanthi A. Fernandes × sect. Pseudonarcissi De Candolle. Spain (Jaén)

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