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English Summary

Since 1988, the association Instituto Alavés de la Naturaleza-Arabako Natur Institutua (IAN-ANI) (Nature Institute of Araba province, Spain) has been at work to fulfil its objectives, which are:

  • to research and become acquainted with our natural surroundings;
  • to disseminate the knowledge accumulated and the research results obtained;
  • to protect and conserve our natural heritage in collaboration, where possible, with public authorities, so as to facilitate rational use of natural resources.

Research and other activities are primarily carried out within the Basque Autonomous Community, of which Araba province forms part, in Northern Spain. Numerous research projects in fields such as botany, ornithology, bryology, paleontology, geology etc. have been completed over the years. Members of the Institute have published widely, including both scientific papers and monographs.

An outstanding contribution to regional cultural infrastructure was the creation, management and study of geological and biological scientific collections, which were the primary source for the Natural History Museum of Álava. Members of the Botany Department were heavily involved in the preparation of the standard dichotomic key for vascular plants in the Basque Region. The Zoology Department has made significant contributions to descriptive patterns of regional bird assemblages, including breeding and wintering atlases.

The Institute also has a small library. Many outings and courses have been organised over the years to improve members’ and non-members’ knowledge of the surrounding area.

The Institute, where appropriate, collaborates with other organisations with similar interests; in relation to local public authorities it also fulfills an advisory role within its sphere of interest. Several conservation campaigns have been promoted and carried out, like actions in favour of old trees and old forest preservation.

The Institute welcomes inquiries related to its scientific output.

Contact: you can use the form on the website to write directly.

Postal address:

2092 posta-kutxatila
(+34) 945 246606

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